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Tips for Caregivers

What can I do to help my loved one take his/her blood thinner safely?

  1. Learn more about why your loved one needs to take a blood thinner, and ask about other medications he/she may be taking.

  2. Help your family member or friend to create and maintain a list of ALL the medications, vitamins and supplements they take, and remind them to share it with their pharmacists and other health care providers. AARP’s simple Personal Medication Record is available here.

  3. Remind your loved one to get regular blood tests to make sure that they are getting the right dose.

  4. Learn about any special dietary modifications your loved one may need to make to accommodate taking a blood thinner. This information is especially important if you’re the cook! Visit the American Dietetic Association for some great ideas.

  5. Encourage your loved one to ask questions and engage in regular conversations with pharmacists and other health care providers. 

  6. Share this simple Q & A tool with your loved one to help them get the basic information they will need to take their blood thinner safely.

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